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Our Partner Services

Finding the right person for your company, isn't as easy as placing an ad in the paper.  Not only do you need to make sure the candidate can perform the job, but you must make sure they're a good fit for the culture of your business, in addition to retaining the talented team you currently have in place. Here's how JammyHR will partner with you.


Getting off to a good start:  Talent Management

  • On-boarding

    • New Hire Packet

    • Systems Set-Up

    • Social Media Announcement

    • New Hire Performance Review

  • New Employee Orientation

    • Policies and Procedures

    • 1:1 Meetings

  • Off-boarding

    • Conduct Exit Interview

    • Disengage Access

    • Asset Recovery

    • Benefits Communication

Finding the right candidate:  Talent Acquisition

  • Recruiting

    • Create Job Descriptions

    • Job Posting and Monitoring

  • Conduct Candidate Interviews

    • In-Person

    • Virtually

  • Candidate Screening

    • Conduct Background Check

    • Reference Verification

  • Skill Assessments (industry specific)

    • Competency Evaluation

    • Personality Tests

  • Job Offer/Salary Negotiations

    • Research industry trends

    • Budget




K​eep it going:  Talent Engagement

  • Employee Benefit Strategy and Implementation

  • Benefits Administration

    • Conduct Open Enrollment Meetings

    • Benefit Audits

  • HRIS Management

  • People Management and Engagement

    • Team Building

    • Performance Reviews

  • Health and Wellness Program Development

  • HR Communications and Administration

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